2007 Schedule Release Imminent

After weeks of speculation and several tentative dates having come and gone, the MLS appears to be putting the final touches on the 2007 schedule. According to several posters on bigsoccer.com, ticket reps have been spreading the word that a new schedule should be available around February 7th.

It is presumed that MLS bigwigs have re-worked the schedule several times to make sure as many cities as possible get the chance to catch Beckham fever. This likely means that L.A. will be playing many home games in the front half of their schedule, and will spend most of the summer/fall traveling from city to city. It will also mean many Thursday games for the Galaxy as ESPN will want to take full advantage of the circus, as well.

So, L.A. season-ticket-holders, be prepared for a long spring as you will likely be without Landon Donovan, Chris Albright, Nathan Sturgis, Quavas Kirk, Joe Cannon and Nate Jaqua for parts of the season, all being called up for national team/U20 national team duties. Is it August yet?


Frederick said...

Any chance, or word, or rumor, or blind hope, that MLS will poney up and buy Beckham out of his contract and get him to leave Real earlier than planned?

TJ said...

There was hope that such a deal would be made a few weeks ago. However, that seems unlikely now that Beckham is seeing more playing time. Becks himself also said that he wanted to honor the rest of his Madrid contract before coming the U.S.

It's not gonna happen...