Bundesliga-MLS Announcement

MLS and Bundesliga are, like, so BFF. The heads of the top league in Germany met with the heads of the top league in the USA in Miami today to announce a new partnership between the two. They will work together to share experience, expertise and best practices.

According to an MLS press release: "Some of the areas being focused on include player development, stadium design, marketing strategies, broadcasting logistics, competition rules and officiating services."

Said Christian Seifert, the Bundesliga CEO, "We look forward to learning from MLS, an exemplary organization and a modern league with an eye on the future. Likewise, we are proud to contribute to the continued rise of soccer in the United States."

My take: Sure, this is another step forward for MLS. But as a fan, I was hoping for something more, maybe a Super Liga-style tournament with German clubs, at the least. Having said that, I know the partnership will pay off in behind-the-scenes operations of the league and only move us forward.

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Anonymous said...

my guess is some sort of a german/us tourney will happen in the next year or so. it would be great to see the strong teams from germany (breman, b. munich, etc) over here playing regularly.