Houston Dynamo Turn Down AEG Money

The Houston Dynamo don't need no stinkin' DP. The reigning MLS champions, another AEG-owned entity, were apparently offered the financial ability to go after a designation player, but the team said 'no, thanks' to Uncle Phil's hand-out. According to AEG executive Tim Leiweke, (that guy you saw all over the TV during the Beckham announcement), "We told them that we would give them the financial ability to [sign a DP] because we are working on a new stadium down there, but they've been pretty adamant that they like the cards that they've been dealt."Speculation is that Houston is hanging on to their DP slot so they can trade it to the Los Angeles Galaxy next year - the Galaxy are in the market to grab another DP as Landon Donovan will count as one next year, unless he plans on taking a massive pay cut. Since Houston and Los Angeles are both owned by AEG, the powers-that-be could just shift the spot to Los Angeles to ensure that the G's can keep Beckham AND Donovan in 2008.

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Michael Simpson said...

i don't think this could be further from the truth. you mention "the powers that be" as if they're all on the same team. while the ownership might be AEG, both organizations have very different administrations. LA is lead by Alexi Lalas while Houston's GM/President is Oliver Luck. I can guarantee you that these are two very different teams, and Oliver Luck, Chris Canetti, and Dominic Kinnear are going to do whatever it takes to win the league...and that includes on beating up AEG's flagship LA franchise.