Galaxy VIP Entrance

The Los Angeles Galaxy have decided to build a "VIP Only" entrance to the Home Depot Center, because of all the celebrities expected to turn out to see Pete Vagenas later this year... what? Here's a look at the new entrance, courtesy LosAngelesSoccerNews.com:

Pretty glamorous, huh? Of course we don't want the Hollywood A-List to have fraternize with the general population. Can you imagine Jennifer Lopez waiting in line for a beer next to Tommy Mack from the Riot Squad? I'd pay extra to see that.

Stars that are reported to have bought season tickets to see the G's besides Jennifer Lopez include Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. No word on whether there will be a Scientology night in the future, but I wouldn't rule it out.


Anonymous said...

It is the Galaxy, a certain alien named Xenu came from one far far away. Of Course Tom Cruise will be pushing for a Scientology night. Free clay tables for the first 2,000 fans.

Tom Cruise said...

What about L Ron Hubbard Bobblehead night????