Lalas, England Squabble Over Beckham

L.A. Galaxy general manager Alexi Lalas has made it clear that he doesn't want David Beckham's recent recall to the English national team to stand in the way of his MLS- and Galaxy-related duties: "I don't want to stand in the way of a player representing his country, but they have to be the appropriate games. We will deal with it from a business perspective but for us to say one of our players is representing England internationally is a great thing."Lalas went on to say, "He has a responsibility on and off the field to our organization and our sport and he recognizes that. There is a bigger picture and I would never stand in the way of any of our players representing their country - I know how important it is and what an honor it is. We will sit down and talk to him."

England is in the midst of a four-team fight for only two spots in their Euro 2008 qualifying group and has four key games scheduled for dates that are either the day of or the day before a Galaxy game. It will be interesting to see, should Becks still have his spot on the English team, whether the Galaxy tries to stop him from leaving as they will be in their own fight for a playoff spot.

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