Las Vegas Football Club

From the Las Vegas Sun: Las Vegas Sports & Entertainment Group is prepared to wire a $35 million expansion fee to a league account in New York if it gets the go-ahead to start a franchise in the valley.

Mark Noorzai, the sports group's president, said he sent a letter of intent to MLS headquarters two weeks ago and requested a response by today. In the letter, Noorzai highlighted some of his group's ambitious plans, including a $500 million retractable-roof stadium, an adjacent hotel and casino, practice fields and other amenities on 200 acres.

"The proposal on the table is by far the best proposal that this league has ever seen," said Paul Caligiuri, a Soccer Hall of Famer. He says the group "is committed to building a franchise that will compete with teams in the rest of the world, not just MLS." Caligiuri has also gotten Alan Rothenberg, the founder of MLS, to back the sports group's plan.

Speaking from his New York office Wednesday afternoon, MLS President Mark Abbott, who oversees expansion, declined to comment about any prospective ownership group or proposal. "It's fair to say that Las Vegas is a market that's interesting to us. We think it would be very supportive of professional soccer, so it's a market we're looking at."


Anonymous said...

Good idea in my opinion. They have the money, they want the team, they will provide the facilities the team needs, and they can probably attract some DPs. What's not to love?

Anonymous said...

With a retractable roof, they have answered all the critics talking about the extremely hot summers. How many other cities have told MLS "Here is $25 million in cash, please let us have a team, we have taken care of everything already"

Anonymous said...

I meant $35 million. Plus just think of the fans of the other teams taking road trip after road trip. Vegas I think is one of the top 30 cities population wise, but their growth is extremely high compared to other major cities. They will probably be in the top 20 in the next 5 years with a high Latino population, whih does not always translate into attendance #'s, but there is no other pro soccer within hundreds of miles of there, so it could work.

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