More Guevara Drama

Depending on who you believe, Amado Guevara will next be playing on either a team from Canada, a team from the U.S., a team from Honduras, or no team at all. The folks at LA Soccer News broke wind of a deal between Chivas USA and Toronto FC that would send Guevara north of the border in exchange for Paulo Nagamura and a draft pick. Today, Chivas officials deny that any deal was ever made, calling the report just a "rumor."

According to an article in today's Orange County Register, head coach Preki told a reporter that Guevara could "possibly" be traded to Toronto FC. Chivas CEO and general manager Javier Leon, however, denied the rumor. When confronted by the Preki quote, Leon replied, "I don't believe that Preki has said such a statement."

A few minutes later, Leon called back with Preki for a brief, three-way conversation. "I never said that," said Preki, referring to his initial bold statement. "You're exaggerating. Where did you read that?" Mmm-hmm...

MLS Underground says Guevara would only consider a trade to FC Dallas or a return to Honduras.

And finally, Steven Goff of the Washington Post says Guevara found out about the trade before it was official and told Toronto that he would not play for them if he was traded there. In response, Toronto declined to sign the official league papers certifying the trade, making the deal, essentially, dead in the water.

Guevara is, for now, still a member of Chivas USA, but I can't imagine he will be staying put for long. The most likely option is that Guevara will opt to leave the league altogether, something Chivas USA head coach Preki won't shed tears over. "We felt like as a group and as an organization, moving on without Guevara was the best thing for us at the moment," stated Preki. Late today, club officials confirmed that there are no plans to include him in the future.

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