San Diego on Expansion Map

A development group by the name of Scroll Capital Partners is apparently pursuing plans to build a soccer-specific-stadium in San Ysidro, California. The group has spoken with city and county officials about the plan, which would force the demolition and relocation of two schools in place of an MLS stadium, athletic field and commercial and housing development.

The plan, which is in the very early stages, is for a roughly 30,000-seat stadium to be built on land currently owned by San Ysidro School District. "From our position, this is strictly information and exploratory. Nothing has been proposed in writing," said Gilbert Anzaldua, the San Ysidro School District's interim superintendent, who has spoken with the developers.

So where exactly is San Ysidro? Well, it's a community within the city of San Diego, located in the southernmost part of San Diego County and immediatly north of the Mexican border. Given its proximity from the border and high Hispanic population, S.Y. would seem like a perfect place to expand American soccer, according to David Carter, executive director of the USC Sports Business Institute. "You're not going to see too many better fits than San Diego," he said. "Soccer in San Diego seems like an inherent fit."

It is not known at this time whether MLS would be interested in moving Chivas USA to another SoCal location with their own SSS - they currently share the Home Depot Center with the L.A. Galaxy and have struggled to tap into the large Hispanic population in southern California.

TJ's take: Moving a team into the San Diego market has got to be a long-term goal for the league. San Diego's 1.2 million people make it the 7th largest city in the country and 2nd largest in California, easily big enough to support their own team. Plus, the potential is there for another great rivalry with Galaxy and/or Chivas. You can definitely see the Riot Squad and/or Legion 1908 rolling down to San Diego to create some havoc!

San Diego expansion is an idea that Don Garber and the league should be focusing on and I would welcome the decision to make a San Diego team the next expansion team and 14th team in the league.


Anonymous said...

Simply going to where the hispanics are does not guarantee anything. Look at Chivas' #'s at the HDC which is smack dab in the middle of the largest hispanic population in the US.

Daniel A. said...

I think this is a little bit different than placing a team in LA. San Ysidro is a hispanic community, unlike Carson City. Not to mention that it borders Mexico. The soccer culture in San Diego reaches far beyond hispanics. The more affluent areas such as Del Mar and La Jolla are home to some of the largest and most important youth clubs in californi. Plus its san diego, i think a lot of other fans are going to make a weekend of going to see their team play the SD franchise.

Dave said...

that's pretty crazy having 3 times in california. a little diversity would be nicer!

Anonymous said...

Dave, you go where the money is. If they think a San Diego team will be more successful than an expansion to a city outside of California, then they'll stay in CA.

Dave said...

i still think there are very good opportunities in different cities. i like the las vegas idea and saint louis sounds like a great option. i don't think we need to be confined to putting so many teams in one little state.