Other Gig

To fill any spare time I may have had coming between working my day job to pay bills and updating The MLS Zone as much as possible, I've begun contributing to American Soccer Daily.

It's sort-of a spin-off from Yanks Abroad, covering the American-based American players as well as the European-based ones. You may see some of the same content appearing on both sites from time to time. Rest assured, I'm only plagiarizing myself. Someday, sites like American Soccer Daily will be the big fish in the pond, while The MLS Zone will be reduced to a minnow. In a way, I'm working to make myself obsolete.

In the meantime, I'd encourage all of you to check out American Soccer Daily while it's going through some growing pains. I have no doubt it will be a most excellent site when fully operational. I will continue to update The MLS Zone so long as the feedback warrants it. Every month, people from over 70 different countries check in with The MLS Zone to see what's going on.

So spread the word!

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