Thoughts On Galaxy Game

It's a rough time to be a Galaxy fan right now. It seemed as if the team didn't show up to play for 90% of Saturday night's match against Columbus, couldn't take advantage of being a man up for over an hour, and only started to play up to their potential during the last five minutes of the match.

Frank Yallop should have the squad do nothing except practice defending set pieces during training sessions. Time and again, poor marking on set pieces is shooting this team in the foot.

Here are my player ratings for the game (scale of 1-10):

Cannon -- 6
Kirk -- 2
Xavier -- 5
Veris -- 4
Harden -- 3
Harmes -- 3
Martino -- 3
Klein -- 5
C. Jones -- 5
Jaqua -- 4
Buddle -- 5

Vagenas (46') -- 6
Roberts (52') -- 4
Glinton (55') -- 6

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Laurie said...

They played like a team of guys terrified of making mistakes. Understandable when each mistake could be your last. (And probably will be for some of these players, given the shakeup that's going on.)

Worse, they played like a group of guys at a pickup game who have never actually been on the field together before.

Oh, wait. They HAVE never been on the field together before. (And Frank and Alexi? More trades will completely fix this.)