Update: Beckham Out Again

Update: David Beckham will not be joining the Galaxy when they travel to Dallas. His ankle is apparently still giving him fits and the team would rather see him stay in Los Angeles to receive treatment than flying him to Texas where he can only sit on the bench for 90 minutes.

"He's very frustrated," said head coach Frank Yallop of his new superstar. "I feel for him, really, because he wants to get going. If it's up to him and it wouldn't hinder his injury, he would come with us (to Dallas). But because of flying, all of us said that he just can't do that. We want him to be getting ready to travel with us (to Toronto) on Friday. That's the thing he's aiming for."

Whether David Beckham will travel with the Los Angeles Galaxy to Dallas for the upcoming SuperLiga match remains in question, with team officials saying they would wait until after today's practice session to evaluate their superstar.

The Galaxy are scheduled to fly into the Dallas area later tonight, ahead of tomorrow's game against FC Dallas, with neither team assured of a spot in the tournament's semifinals. Los Angeles fell to Chivas on Saturday night, becoming the first MLS team suffer a loss, and stand second in Group A with three points. FC Dallas has fought to two ties thus far and are in third-place with two points.

Beyond SuperLiga ramifications, FC Dallas has already sold out most of Pizza Hut Park for the game, with Beckham being the main attraction. When MLS schedulers devised their great plan for the Beckham road-trip to nearly every MLS market in the second half, they decided to give Dallas only one chance to see Becks in 2007 - this SuperLiga game.

With just standing-room-only tickets remaining for the clash, I expect Beckham will travel with the team and make a late appearance on the field, similar to the Chelsea exhibition.

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