Donovan Being Shopped?

According to MLS Underground, the Los Angeles Galaxy are shopping around their #10, Landon Donovan. MLSU speculates that talks may be under way to send the U.S. international to either New York or expansion San Jose in 2008.

Despite putting up solid numbers (4 goals and 6 assists) this season, Donovan has been invisible in big games. The most recent example was last Saturday's exhibition against Chelsea FC where Donovan had a point-blank header at an open net, but instead pushed Quavas Kirk's cross harmlessly over the crossbar.

With the Galaxy needing to either deal Donovan or trade for a second DP slot next year to pay for him, is it possible that general manager Alexi Lalas is shopping the 25-year-old around? Sure. Is it likely that Donovan will find himself suiting up in colors other than the newly-adorned blue-and-gold of the Galaxy? Not very. In my opinion, this is probably a nonsense rumor and nothing will come of it.

But Donovan does need to develop a consistency on the field that has eluded him for his entire career, not just with the Galaxy but also with the U.S. MNT. If he continues to blow chances like that header on Saturday, we could see him under Bruce Arena's tutelage in 2008.


Anonymous said...

If Lalas does this, he's an idiot and should be fired.

Secondly, you equate missing an open header with "disappearing"? Yes, Donovan missed a great opportunity there to score, but he did not disappear in that game.

TJ said...

I do not equate just the missed header with disappearing, I equate the 90 minutes he played on the field without having any impact whatsoever, for the fourth game in a row since coming back from Gold Cup.

The header was merely the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

No, I think you're confusing the absymal play of a team mired in self-doubt and poor management with one player being "inconsistent." The Galaxy have played poorly this year, but Donovan's game has been excellent. He was spot on in the Gold Cup and he's been an important part of the Galaxy's wins this season. We (and I mean MLS fans) assume that when the Galaxy win Donovan can take the credit, but when they lose, Donovan should take the blame. I'm afraid the sport doesn't work like that...

Tom said...

I think the criticism that Donovan "disappears" is perfectly justified. The league treats him like a striker and he just isn't one. He's a hell of a good midfielder who is at his best attacking the goal straight on during a fast break, but his chances almost never come in traffic or off the creativity of another player.

The Gold Cup was not a huge coming out for him, though he played well. His penalty taking prowess was wonderful, but he just wasn't a finisher the way a class striker should be.

That's why the Galaxy went out and loaded up on offense. Now they have a couple of guys who aren't afraid to pull the trigger and two midfielders (if Becks ankle ever heals) who either counter or service.

Anonymous said...

Might be too late to post this comment since it's a few days back. But! I posted this on the Galaxy myspace group.

Landon has 4 goals and 6 assists in 9 games played. I'd hardly call that playing badly. But if Landon disapeared, so did everybody else on the Galaxy. It's not one players fault for a bad team performance. In fact, I think we played well against Chelsea, 1-0 is a huge accomplishment.

Also, Landon just got a goal and an assist vs. Pachuca. Too many people look at the negatives instead of the positives.

Anonymous said...

whoever thinks LD has disappeared is falling victim to limiting their sports analysis to reading of a box score. as a galaxy season ticket holder i can say that LD is the galaxy's MOTM 75% of the time.

sorry bro, but you are spewing pure bs.