More Expansion News

From the new blog MLS Rumors, citing a trusted source: "The next three cities for expansion will be San Jose (which will be announced), Portland and New York City for the 2010 season. Three other cities mentioned as 'on the bubble' were Philadelphia, St. Louis and Las Vegas."


Anonymous said...

I would rather see Las Vegas and Philly in that order prior to another team in the NY area. RBNY can only draw about 15,000 despite being in one of the largest metropolitan areas on earth.

Anonymous said...

RBNY is building in Harrison, NJ. The new owner of the 2nd team would build a stadium in NY city. So they would be about 30-40 miles apart. Not good in my opinion. Sure you can point to the Galaxy and Chivas, but what if there was no Chivas and they had a team in San Antonio or another spot, they would still draw probably close to what they draw now and the Galaxy would probably average about 3,000-4,000 more per game. Probably more with Beckham now. Oh well