Yallop/Lalas Feud?

Apparently Alexi Lalas' sometimes abrasive personality has irritated more than just the British press. Ives Galarcep is reporting that relations between the Galaxy general manager and head coach Frank Yallop are so poor that they aren't even speaking to each other anymore.

From Ives' blog:
"According to sources within Major League Soccer, Galaxy president Alexi Lalas and head coach Frank Yallop have seen their working relationship go from cordial to unbearable. Just what has led to this situation remains unclear but it may have something to do with all the trading Lalas has done in recent weeks. Has Yallop been on board with every decision? Is Lalas basically building the roster the way he sees fit, regardless of whether Yallop agrees or not?"With the David Beckham introduction just about 72 hours away as I write this, the circus that is the Los Angeles Galaxy continues to grow more and more odd by the day. If the Galaxy continue to struggle for much longer, I think it's a safe bet that Lalas will have no hesitation in cutting loose Frank Yallop. After all, we are talking about the man (Lalas) who fired now-USMNT head coach Bob Bradley from the same position with the then-New York/New Jersey MetroStars.


Nathan said...

I have never been a Lalas fan. His personnel moves outside of hiring Yallop have been either average or crap.

Example - snagging Quaranta and Jaqua = incomprehesible crap. Getting Martino = average.

Buddle = crap
Klein = average, except what we gave up for him, which makes it overall = crap.

If he fires Yallop, one of the true class acts of the league, not to mention someone who can win and develop players at the same time, he will cement his status as the most hapless GM in MLS since Steve Pastorino.

And I will want to cut his balls off with a dull spoon.

Anonymous said...

mark my words, Lalas will be fired by the end of next season or earlier. With his moves he has put LA in a position where they have almost no young talent left, as well as just old guys who will most likely be of no worth in another trade for a DP that they will need for Donovan next season. Factor in salary increases of 3-4% for players currently on the roster and they are going to have major cap issues prior to next season. They better win it all this year, because the cupboard will be bare next season.