Christian Going, Going, Gomez

Steven Goff has been giving us insight into the negotiations that have been taking place, off-and-on for the past 18 months, between D.C. United and former MLS MVP Christian Gomez, and it doesn't sound as if he will be returning to the club in 2008.

At some point during this year-long process, United did offer two guaranteed years with incentives for a third guaranteed year, valued at between $300,000 and $350,000 per season, but Gomez had it in his mind that he was a $1 million player. To clarify, not $1 million per season, but $1 million over two, which would have meant $500K per year and DCU's designated player slot. United was not going to go there, and you probably can't blame them.

One source told me that Gomez also became too emotional about things, such as United's pursuit of Juan Sebastian Veron, even though that signing had nothing to do with his standing on the club. Along those lines, Gomez apparently was also miffed that he did not receive any of the team's major postseason awards.

"It's a sad ending," said another source.

Through an intermediary, Gomez wanted to say: "Thank you to D.C. fans. My family and I will miss them."

With all that being said, Gomez may choose to remain in MLS next season; Goff noted that a half-dozen teams have shown interest in signing or trading for rights to the 33-year-old. There is also apparently a $600,000/year offer from an unnamed club in the Middle East.

Where will Christian Gomez end up?

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