Red Bulls To Annonce New Signing

Apparently, Red Bull New York isn't quite done making moves yet. In an e-mail interview last week, RBNY owner Dietrich Mateschitz said that it would be better to wait until the team gets into Red Bull Park next year before adding a foreign player of major stature. Now, coach Bruce Arena has revealed that a major signing will be announced either this week or next. He went on to say that it will likely fill the club's second Designated Player slot.
There are several names floating around that could be the signing in question:

It might be Agustin Delgado, a 32-year-old Ecuadorian forward, currently suspended from his club, LDU Quito, for his role in a brawl with players from Barcelona de Guayaquil. He has 31 goals in 70 appearances for the Ecuador National Team.

Another name out there is Robbie Fowler, 31-year-old striker from Liverpool. However, Fowler has been connected to the New England Revolution in recent days and it's less likely that he would be the signing to which Arena was eluding.

Of course, some people will be bringing up Zinedine Zidane's name again. Rumors have been swirling that ZZ wants to come out of retirement and would entertain offers of $15 million/year or more to play in America. This is still a long-shot, but Red Bull is in a position to throw their wealth around at this point. There has been increased pressure on the club to produce a big-named signing to compete with the Galaxy.

Best bet: Agustin Delgado, if his team will let him go in the middle of his suspension.

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