MLS Next for Keller?

Already sidelined by a torn muscle in his right thigh, Kasey Keller's Borussia Moenchengladbach side has been relegated to the German Second Division for the second time since 1999.

The team's contract with Keller, 37, expires in June, leaving open many options for the American international who has appeared in four World Cups ('90, '98, '02, '06). He could re-sign with his current club, could find employment elsewhere in Europe, or could come home to the USA to play in the MLS.

Real Salt Lake has recently admitted contacting Keller to discuss a possible contract, but the two sides couldn't come to an agreement on money. Keller is looking for a salary that would put him in Designated Player range, and many clubs aren't convinced that a goalkeeper - even one as established as Keller - should command such a high salary.

Keller has said he would prefer to play close to his U.S. homes in Washington and Idaho - the closest market for him to play in would be Real Salt Lake, 800 miles away, or a 2-hour plane ride. As we know, RSL is desperate to fix their 'keeping situation, and Keller would certainly help.


Anonymous said...

With the way RSL has looked, I'm thinking they couldn't go wrong with giving DP type money to Keller. They're awful.

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