Guevara Going, Going, Gone

After refusing a trade from Chivas USA to Toronto FC, Honduran midfielder and egomaniac extraordinaire Amada Guevara is apparently leaving the MLS altogether. The proposed deal would have sent Guevara and his bloated salary to TFC for Paulo Nagamura and a draft pick, but now AG is set to leave the league completely - after refusing trades to four OTHER teams.

Chivas USA and MLS are now trying to put a deal together to send him back to a Honduran team. Chivas will get an allocation for their troubles and will have much more room under the cap to play with. Maybe they can use that money to go out and sign a DP... oh wait, they traded their spot FOR Guevara late last year. D'OH!

Either way, Guevara's departure is good for the Goats. He's apparently already cleaned out his locker at the Home Depot Center and is as good as gone.

Good riddance!

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