Ronaldo Wooed by Many

AC Milan striker Ronaldo is almost certainly in his last days and weeks with the Rossoneri, while many clubs are lining up to woo the often-injured Brazilian superstar. With his contract up in June and his place in Milan's future lost, Milan could try to cash in when the winter transfer window opens up, as interest floods in from every corner of the globe, including MLS.

Signed from Real Madrid in January 2007, Ronaldo has made just a single appearance for Milan and is currently back in his home country to receive treatment for his latest injury.

Among the possible destinations for the 31-year-old:

Flamengo (Brazil): Though the club claims that they have entered negotiations with Milan in hopes of wooing Ronaldo home, FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti says no such meetings have taken place. Flamengo could be trying to upstage fellow Brazilians Sao Paolo, who earlier secured the services of Adriano from Inter.

Red Bull New York (USA): Reportedly made an offer for Ronaldo in January of 2007, around the same time David Beckham signed with LA Galaxy. Both of New York's 'Designated Player' slots are currently occupied by Juan Pablo Angel and Claudio Reyna, but there have been whispers that team officials would be open to buying out Reyna's contract if they were in need of a DP spot to sign an international superstar.

In addition to the two clubs above, the Middle East could beckon Ronaldo as a final big payday - an option many former superstars have chosen in recent years. Also, there has been interest from Japan as the country's J-League continues to attract higher-caliber players.


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