Keller To RSL Or Not?

The ongoing saga surrounding Real Salt Lake's pursuit of U.S. international keeper Kasey Keller has become a bit murkier. Depending on who you believe, either Keller is on the verge of signing a 2 1/2-year deal with the club or he has no intention of doing so.

According to Steven Goff with the Washington Post, "I am hearing that winless Real Salt Lake and Kasey Keller are in the final stages of negotiations and that the veteran goalkeeper is close to agreeing to a deal... the deal would apparently be for 2 1/2 years. Things could still go wrong, one source cautioned, but talks have progressed substantially [over] the past two weeks."

Over at LA Soccer News, Keller was interviewed earlier this week while in camp with the U.S. Men's National Team. Regarding the MLS, Keller had this to say: "[MLS] interest didn't cool at all. They put out an offer that wasn't acceptable... I got an offer from a Bundesliga team that was three times that to sit on the bench, to not even play for the team.

I've spoken with MLS basically for the last five or six months at a time. The last offer I got just wasn't acceptable to come home... Last time I checked, there was no team in Olympia, Washington, or McCall, Idaho, where my two houses are.

There were a couple of teams that I spoke to who said, 'This is what we have.' That wasn't going to work. Then I got into another conversation with Real Salt Lake where I thought that had been cleared up, but it ended up being the same sort of stuff."

It certainly doesn't sound like Keller is excited to make the switch to MLS. Maybe he could just be using the interview as a negotiation tool to get more $$$ out of Salt Lake. Or maybe he needs to switch to decaf.

Besides the goalkeeping situation, the defense in Utah really needs some work. However, the team is taking steps to correct that by signing veteran defender Richie Kotschau. "His experience and his abilites are very important. He's a smart veteran player," said head coach Jason Kreis.


Anonymous said...

Alot of players have taken less $$$ to come home an play. I remember a dozen big names that did it at the start of MLS in 1996. They all could have made more abroad, but they wanted to come home and help boost soccer in the US. If Keller would rather go and sit the bench somewhere because they offered more, then go ahead in my opinion.

TJ said...

Exactly. I've never been a fan of the guy's attitude.

If he wants more money, then go sit on the bench and rake it all in.

I think his argument is that Salt Lake isn't really "home" for him and he'd be more comfortable playing for Seattle or Portland (neither of which will have an MLS team before Keller retires).

I hate to say it, but Keller sounds very greedy.

Anonymous said...

Keller is a good goalie, but he does have an attitude that leaves me cold. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy that would sacrifice much to help MLS reach the next level in the world of soccer. I could care less if he ever plays in MLS.

Anonymous said...

He is a good goalie, but has the personality of a wet sock. I don't see alot of people deciding to go to a game because Kasey Keller is in the net. Seems he does not really care if he plays in MLS unless they give him a pile of money to roll around in. I would hope RSL would spend their $$$ on someone else.