England Friendlies Possible for Galaxy

The Los Angeles Galaxy, led by David Beckham, are looking to set up a series of matches in England, a trip that could earn them as much as $6 million per game, according to the BBC.

With Beckham's debut set for this Saturday against Chelsea and an exhibition match in Australia already scheduled for November, the Galaxy appear set to cash in by going worldwide. AEG chief executive and president Tim Leiweke (below) admits that is one of his goals for the team - to become an international brand.
"I think the greatest opportunity for the Galaxy is touring and doing international matches," said Leiweke. "If you can do six games a year, that can add a significant amount of value to the team and its revenue. We have a couple of dates in the U.S. that we're going to do and we're mindful of giving David some rest so we're trying to be a little focused on making sure we don't overload the schedule this year."

The Galaxy will travel to Australia on November 27 to take on Sydney FC in a friendly at the 83,500-seat Telstra Stadium.

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